From the moment of a baby born, people try to communicate with the outside. Instead of using verbal language, baby can only use their unconscious or subconscious body language to express their emotion. Thus body language is the language skill for human to communicate with others at the first place. When a person grows up, he/she has been educated to use more verbal language in order to convey the message more efficient and usually ignore the importance of using nonverbal language in communication. As the majority of the body language has already became a personal communication habit, which is hard to be realized by themselves. As technology improvement a lot, nowadays, more and more people start to learn about body language consciously. Moreover, knowing more about how body language works helping them improve their communication skills. The aim of this blog is try to investigate the importance position of four components of body language in people’s life in terms of the following questions:

Figure 1-Individual brief introduction of this blog

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How does eye contact become an important role in job interview?

Is hand gesture can be trusted in police interrogation?

Is Micro-expression more accuracy than lie detector for testing lie?

How can body posture reflect person’s mind and be used in teenagers’ education?


One comment on “Introduction

  1. Good introduction in terms of connecting the four divisions together cohesively. The video is a nice touch, but makes anonymity impossible. Divisions and navigation are clear. Word form choice is problematic.

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